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travel-proof bagpipe cases for the modern piper

Bagpipe Flight Cases

 Handmade In Scotland

expertly crafted, fully customisable, premium quality


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The Travelling Bagpipe Case

Piperchief has been all over the world with The First Piper, Ross OC Jennings, who is on a mission to play the Bagpipes in every country in the world...

" To say I was excited would be a vast understatement. I’ve never had a personalised bag, let alone a specialised luxury bagpipe carry case! " 

Our Story

Piperchief began with founder Damian Bell, who as a life-long bagpiper and traveller, decided the soft and bulky bags on the market just weren't good enough for the job. 

He wanted a well crafted, beautiful flight case to keep his family bagpipes safe, as well as allowing him to show off his culture and heritage as he travelled the world playing his pipes. 


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