The First Piper

Piperchief has been out travelling the world with The First Piper - Ross OC Jennings


"As a professional piper I’m always slightly concerned with how my pipes will fair on a trip, but I’d be more than happy with storing them in the Piperchief case, particularly knowing that they're being protected by the padded interior"



Ross OC Jennings, The First Piper 



Piper Map 

See where in the world pipers are using their Piperchief cases


"Never have I kept my bagpipes in such a beautifully crafted Travel Case. You can feel the attention to detail that has gone into the Piperchief, and my pipes will always be safe and sound. 


With all the time, and money, I have invested into my bagpipes I need something that will not only look as great as I want to sound, but keep them protected when I’m on the go." 


Max Gillespie, Los Angeles Piper 

Max's Custom Piperchief 

Max's Custom Piperchief